NAMCO BANDAI Games - Dig Dug

[media id=52] 【游戏】:Dig Dug
【出品】:NAMCO BANDAI Games[+]
【系统】:Smartphone/Pocket PC
Windows Mobile 2003/5.0/6.0
# OFFICIAL Smartphone version of the arcade hit, Dig Dug!
# Exactly like the original arcade version.
# Play all 250+ levels from the original.
# The Pookas and Fygars return to run amuck in your handheld garden.

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  1. #4
    axxx2010-03-13 14:46:54Reply
  2. #3
    you can check the file size. if it can't be extracted, just right click on the download link,and select properties,just copy the link after 'URL='. if the game instal on you phone,but doesn't work.just check if it is proper for your device(e.g.screen,platform..),the game in this categories should work for your 595.
    aRAY2007-07-26 11:48:23Reply
  3. #2
    I download all that game file cant work ????? Any One Can Help Or Email For me Thank You
    5952007-07-26 11:17:13Reply
  4. #1
    Y all that file i download is not working ????/Can any Brother send me a mail Tq
    5952007-07-26 11:08:51Reply